It was a busy weekend for adoptions. First: Yoyo’s adoption was finalized.

I have no doubt she ended up in the PERFECT home for her. So happy all the toy kittens have found homes!

And, my former foster mama Sand-dollar was adopted:

NOT ONLY THAT, but I know you remember Roxie, the mama cat I fostered this summer who mothered Cory, Colby, Oakley, Chessie, Fawn, AND Blaze. She is not yet officially adopted, but has landed herself an adoption pending! I know you remember what she looked like, but here’s a picture I shot this Saturday of her pretty face:

Good luck in your new homes, kitties!

Guess who’s back!

Mimosa, looking as perturbed as ever.

Come on, MImosa. Couldn’t you TRY to look happy for the camera?

Mimosa didn’t do so well at the adoption center, and she was pretty stressed and hissy the night she came home. She calmed down after that, and even though we brought her to the weekend adoption stands on Saturday and Sunday, she’s now very calm and happy to be back. She has yet to have someone even remotely interested in her. Surely someone out there has it in them to love this sweet, sassy, hissy, belly-rub loving, kissy tortoiseshell the way I do!

Guess who’s also back!

You can kinda tell from the picture that she’s doing some SERIOUS biscuit-making. I love it when cats, especially adult cats, make biscuits. It’s so CUTE!

Kittens: Then and Now.

Half Pint snuggled up with his siblings. July 31.

Half-Pint posing for the camera! September 10.

One very sleepy Teeny. July 31.

One adorable grown-up Teeny! September 10.

Pip. August 7.

Pip, September 10!

Shorty, way back when he was half his current size. July 31.

And Shorty now!

Upside-down Mini! July 31.

Last but not least, grown-up Mini. September 3.

Here’s a bonus:

Half-Pint and Teeny. August 14.

Half-Pint and Teeny, now! Isn’t it funny how the kittens don’t seem to change much day by day, and all of a sudden it’s a month and a half later and they’re like full grown cats?! How does that happen?