My beautiful Rose!

I can’t get enough of her stripes.

Harmony has such a full, beautiful face.

I love this picture of Mimosa, I think she looks so sad. I put it on her Petfinder profile – maybe it will make someone will notice her. <3

I totally forget to mention yesterday, Yoyo is home from the store! She’s staying with us till Saturday, and she has a family lined up that is going to foster her and hopefully adopt her if she gets along with their kitties. At first we kept her in the guest room, but I think she was a bit lonely so now I’m letting her run around the house – the other cats don’t actually mind her too much.

Shorty: photo hog or mischevious imp?

Both, definitely.

I can never get a very good picture of Mini. Maybe it will easier once they can move into the foster room and get some better light.

Love this picture of Pip, even though it’s a bit blurry.

No, wait. I love THIS picture!


Munchin’ time for the Munchkins!

Half-Pint is still at the emergency vet so he can stay on fluids, but doing well. They say he’s eating on his own and meowing at all the vet techs. The staff adore him, of course. I visited him yesterday, and he was all over me, wanting to snuggle and rub his face on me – I could hardly hold onto him! I┬ácan’t wait to get this little guy home.