About Emma, Maddie, & Elmore


Bounce’s adoption in early December 2016 left Ben by himself and in need of some new friends. In the meantime, Emma, Maddie, and Elmore were waiting at Petco to be adopted, and since they needed somebody to take them to the vet to be spayed and neutered, I decided to bring them home to be Ben’s new friends.

They were found in a distant state by a person who occassionally fosters for us. As the story was told, the mama cat had passed away and the kittens were found under a shed. The person who found them brought them home to be vetted and adopted, and I took them home when they were about four months old.

Maddie is the most outgoing of the three, the first to approach you for attention, and always front and center wherever the action is. Emma is a bit more reserved at first, but soon gains confidence – and once she does, she can’t get enough attention. She and Ben seemed to get along the best, and could often be found playing with each other or snuggling together. Elmore is the shyest and is afraid when you approach him. But if you let him come to you, he’s just the sweetest little lovebug of a cat. He loves to place his front paws against your chest and rub his nose against your cheek, which is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. All three of them are lap cats and will prance around purring for attention.

Maddie and Emma were adopted together on December 14, and they went home together on December 23. Elmore stayed in foster care with Ben until January 16, 2017, when Elmore was adopted.

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