Foster Angels

As fosters, we try so hard to save each and every one of them. But we can’t save them all. This page is a tribute to the fosters that I’ve lost.

About a week after we pulled the Munchkins, Tiny aspired fluid into his lungs and was struggling to breathe. As soon as we noticed, we brought him to the vet for oxygen. He survived the first 24 hours, the vet was hopeful, we thought the critical period had passed. After we got him home from the vet, he tanked and was just limp and crying in pain as we raced him to the emergency clinic. They tried, but there was very little hope at that point and I’m glad they were able to end his suffering. The tribute to Tiny is here.

I pulled Squeek from the pound in May because she was sickly-looking and reminded me very much of Bandit. Squeek went to another foster after a few weeks so that she could be with other kittens. Sadly, Squeek turned out with FIP and had to be euthanized as her quality of life deteriorated and there was no hope for her to get better. The tribute to her is here.

Rose was pregnant and bleeding when we pulled her from the pound on July 31. We found out that she had miscarried one of her two kittens. Even though one was alive, we had to spay her in order to protect her life and prevent the deceased kitten from rupturing. The one living kitten was too premature to survive. Luckily, Rose is doing just fine and will never have to go through that again. You can read about Rose’s kittens here.

Lyric was Harmony’s son, and he died when he was just three days old. I checked on Harmony and the kittens in the morning, and he was just gone. I don’t know what happened – it might have been a congenital defect, or perhaps he just wasn’t strong enough. I am sad for not getting to know him and watch him grow up, and for the life he never got to live. You can read the post about Lyric and see all the pictures of him here.

Bandit came from the pound along with her four litter mates. She and her brother Bounce were very sick. I tried everything to save her, but I was too late. You can read the tribute post to her here.

Eva became my permanent foster after I learned she was terminally ill. We never did find out exactly what was wrong with Eva, but she had recurring anemia and no amount of treatments or medication could get her red blood cell count up. Multiple vets believed she had aplastic anemia. She had such a sweet look in her yellow eyes – a look that I was never really able to capture on camera. I had her for longer than any other foster cat – almost nine months – and probably was more attached to her than any other foster. I wrote a tribute to her here.

Jet Puff died after just three short days in foster care. Like Bandit, he had coccidia and he was too weak and thin to survive. I think the most heartbreaking part of losing those little ones was that they were so close to safety. So close to rescue, so close to treatment, so close to the chance to feel healthy. You can read the tribute I wrote to him here.