See, I TOLD you we wouldn’t have long to wait. ūüėÄ

Are you ready for her birthin’ story and tons of pictures? I hope you are, because I have both of those things for you.

Since I have a mattress on the third floor where the¬†mama is, I decided to sleep up there with her, ’cause I didn’t want to miss her birthing these babies. I actually didn’t get to sleep until about 1:30, and I set an alarm at 4:00 to see if she was in labor, but it didn’t go off – in fact, I woke at 4:30 to the sound of squeaking kittens. Two were already born, which just seems like it¬†was¬†meant to be, because¬†Sugar Pie had her babies the morning after I got her, and two were already born when I checked on her in the morning. (Not to mention that Sugar Pie also had five babies!) I thought one was a calico and the other was white with orange spots, but it turns out that the “calico” was actually a gray and white tabby with some lovely orange coloring in its face. (Okay, it was super dark and hard to see – that’s why I thought it was a calico.)

IMG_8807Calico/tabby baby.

IMG_8620Mostly white with ginger spots. I think this one was born second, because it was closer to her tail end and the tabby was closer to her head. They were both very fresh, still wet.

Around 4:47, she had some contractions, and the next baby – a cow kitty – was born two minutes later.

IMG_8864Cow kitty.


All three babies were doing great, so she rested for a while before having the next one. According to the Google, sunrise was at 6:05 am, and since I’m almost never up at that time, I stopped to take a¬†picture for you, which I was going to add but forgot, so I will probably come back and do that later.

Finally, after a few periods of strong contractions starting at 6:25, the fourth baby was finally born at 6:55. I was very worried that it was taking so long, but the kitten was absolutely fine – I think he just wanted to make me worry unnecessarily.


IMG_8592This is about the only picture I have of the actual birthing process; as I mentioned before, it was DARK at four in the morning, and you know me, I gotta have my natural light. (I guess I could’ve turned the lights on, but I thought that might bother her, so I didn’t.) Baby #4 is at the end closest to her leg, and he’s still a little wet.

A short time later, at 7:23 am, the last baby was born – another little ginger boy, this time with no white.


IMG_8823The whole crew (except the last kitten, being licked by Mama over there on the left.)

IMG_8693The teeny tiny toes in the air are killing me.

IMG_8616Brudders hanging out together.

IMG_8666Mama did great throughout the whole process – I don’t know how old she is, but I don’t think it’s her first litter. At the end, she seemed pretty tired and took a while to bite off the last umbilical cord, but she finally did it.

IMG_8832This one’s a total camera hog. He’s ADORABLE. I love him so much already. ūüėÄ


IMG_8899This one reminds me so much of Misty with her coloring.

I named them, too.


IMG_8807Melody – girl.

IMG_8805Lyric – boy.

IMG_8864Music – girl.

IMG_8705Rhythm – boy.

IMG_8800Tempo – boy.

Harmony seemed very comfortable with letting me sit with her and watch the process, and she didn’t even seem very worried when I touched the kittens and picked them up for a short time to weigh them. They’re all between 3.5 and 4.5 ounces, which is a normal birth weight for kittens, and they all seem very healthy. I’m so glad!

IMG_8905Good job, Mama!

If you thought this post couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong, because I have an update on Bounce!

IMG_8773He looks SO FREAKIN’ CUTE in this picture. Oh, those EYES‚Ķ and the whiskers‚Ķ and the ear floof…

He’s doing great. Has a good appetite and slowly¬†gaining weight. He usually comes to greet me with the other kittens when I open the door, and – this is the best part – he’s started to chase¬†around toy balls and play with the other kittens, wrestling with¬†them and batting their tails. He’s got a ways to go before he’s fully recovered, I think, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s out of the woods and that, with a little bit of time and care, he’ll be absolutely fine. Last week, he was so ill¬†that I thought there was no way he could make it, but he’s definitely proved¬†me wrong. He’s a fighter, and he’s going to grow up to be one fabulously handsome cat.