8-19-16 Well, this a problem

This kitten, this new gray kitten that was supposed to be a buddy for Splash – well, this isn’t working. Last night, he started with the worst case of diarrhea (I KNOW, I KNOW). I separated him from Splash and Summer, because I’m NOT having him giving diarrhea to Splash. ONE litter with diarrhea is more than enough. I’m just so done with this.

I wanted to send him straight back to his other foster – I just can’t deal with more than one group of kittens with diarrhea. I’m sick of it! But the other foster is dealing with the intake of some kittens that she was told were seven weeks old, but are actually four weeks old. So, since the gray kitten is staying with me while that’s going on, I decided to bring in a fecal sample to be checked. And guess what? Separating him last night turned out to be a good call. He has giardia. Thankfully, the vet didn’t think that he had been with Splash for long enough to give it to her. The one thing I know for sure is that he’s not going back with Splash anytime soon. Even if his stool improves, I just don’t want to risk having them get diarrhea from being stressed out.

(I guess after the kitties with cryptosporidium finally recovered at the end of January, I had a pretty good run – the the litters I had after that up until the Monkeys only had short bouts of diarrhea, which they quickly recovered from. And that is why I like fostering pregnant cats… the kittens are less exposed to parasites and the mom takes good care of them.)

The Sulcrafate that I’m giving to the Monkeys is for 5-7 days, but according to the other foster, the kitten’s stool improved within 48 hours. I started giving it to them on Wednesday morning, and there is no improvement yet. So, I don’t know. I’m trying to stay hopeful, but I think I’m losing hope! Maybe these kittens’ digestive systems are just so damaged that they’ll always have diarrhea. Could that happen? It wouldn’t bother me so much if they were only five or six weeks old, because I’d have a few weeks to get it straight, but the Monkeys are three months old and I just want to get them moved. They need to be adopted soon. They’re getting tired of being in the bathroom, of course – they have little room to run around and play. But I have nowhere else to put them. Did I mention I’m so done with this diarrhea?

Today’s post is all videos! First, a couple videos of Splash meeting the gray kitten:

Splash tells it to the stranger like it is:

The stranger growls at an unseen Summer:

Next, Musicians videos! These are all from last week –  I finally squeezed in the time to sort through them, piece together the best parts, and upload them all.

Fightin’ sisters.

I did not know that Musicians were also supposed to be wrestlers.

A slightly different angle of the kitten washing video that was posted to Facebook and Instagram. (That video was VERY popular on Instagram!)

Okay, if you watch ONE video today, it MUST be this one. That Music just cracks me up – she’s such a spunky little thing. I love her!

Okay, not exactly the FIRST battle, maybe, but one of the firsts. First of many.

Melody gets on the offensive with Rhythm. Between the two of them, these girls can keep their brothers in check!

The plan is to take Summer and Splash to the adoption event this Saturday. I’ll take some pictures of them today so that I’ll have some to share on Monday if they get adopted. I would be thrilled to pieces if they were adopted together – they greet each other and give each other kisses, Splash likes to play with her mama’s tail, and they snuggle together (which is the cutest thing and always makes me squee out loud when I walk in and see them snuggling).