IMG_8018Splash’s eyes just KILL me.

IMG_8156Not to mention the whiskers. Oh, the WHISKERS.

IMG_7951Sweet, sleepy girl.

IMG_8060Summer by the window. (At this age, all the kittens – and the mamas too! – love hanging out on the cat tree.)

IMG_7958Sleepy mama.

So, if you were on Facebook last night, you might guess what’s coming next.

IMG_8479On the car ride home.

IMG_8522Yes, I got a new foster cat.

IMG_8569Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

IMG_8492Checking out her temporary accommodations in the bathroom while I set up the kitten pen on the third floor for her.

IMG_8517You’ve probably guessed by now, but in case not… yes, she is very pregnant. 🙂

IMG_8505She’s such a gorgeous thing, I can’t WAIT to see what her babies are going to look like.

IMG_8550All aboard the S.S. Calico!

So, the story is this – When I went and got the Monkeys from the pound, I said something to the shelter lady there along the lines of: “If you get moms and kittens that need a foster, you can call me.” Well, last Friday I got a call that the shelter had a very pregnant calico, ready to pop. We have a few new people that have fostered some kittens for us, so I called the lady that manages the new fosters and asked her if any of the new fosters could take her. The lady decided to go and get the pregnant cat herself, but when she got there, she saw another mom that had seven kittens on her, and some of the kittens were not her own. Apparently that’s a common thing at the shelter, to put orphaned kittens on a nursing mom, or if the mom is feral, they euthanize her and put the kittens on another mom. The foster thought that seven kittens would be too much for that poor mom, and she couldn’t decide whether to take the pregnant one or the one with the seven kittens. She went home and thought about it. That was Friday. The next day was Saturday, and we were at the adoption stands all day, and of course they’re closed on Sunday. The other foster kept thinking about the mom with seven kittens, and I kept thinking about the pregnant one.

On Monday, the shelter lady called me again. The pregnant cat was bleeding. Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but the lady told me they were going to euthanize her if no one could take her because she apparently wasn’t doing well. I think she was pretty desperate to find someone to take the cat. So when the other foster went back to get the mom and seven kittens, I asked her to get the pregnant mom too. You see, I didn’t REALLY have the space, but I decided to Capstar her and leave her in the bathroom for thirty minutes, and then I could put her in the kitten pen on the third floor (I just didn’t want her to be near the carpet if she had fleas.) I am pretty happy with those accommodations – it’s nice and quiet and comfy, and since they’re right next to a window, I should have some great lighting for pictures of the kittens. 😀

The vet checked her out and did an ultrasound. She’s combo tested negative, and seems very healthy, although she does have some kind of infection. I’m not sure what is infected – I hope it’s not her uterus – but she’s on antibiotics. The vet thought that she saw five kittens, all with good heartbeats, anywhere from 55 – 63 days. According to Google, cat gestation is 63 – 67 days. So we might have as much as two weeks, but she seems very ready, I don’t think it’s going to be that long.

I think I’m going to go with a music theme for the kittens – Tempo, Lyric, Melody, Rhythmn, that kind of thing – and the mom will be Music, or possibly Harmony. Music seems to fit her very well, but I think that Harmony and the Musicians has more of a ring to it than just the Musicians. Either one I choose, I’ll probably end up using the other name for one of the kittens, since I like both of those names. Unless she has a litter of all-boy kittens, in which case I’d be in trouble. 😉

This is turning into a novel, so I’ll stop here, but I just wanted to add that I am SO EXCITED to have kittens in the house again!! This house is going to be overflowing with kitten cuteness. I won’t be able to take enough pictures. 😀