8-18-16 A stranger gets his paws wet

On Tuesday, Maya went out on trial! Our organization is one of the few that offers a foster-to-adopt program, where potential adopters can take the cat or kitten home for two weeks and try them out to see what their personalities are like and if they get along with another pet. The drawback is that it can hold the cats back if the adoption doesn’t work out, but we’ve had great success with the program and almost every cat that goes on trial is adopted. So, I’ll be sure to let you all know if she’s officially adopted in two weeks!

On Monday, I was on the phone with one of the other fosters, and she was telling me about this little kitten she had. Just like the Monkeys, he had diarrhea that didn’t clear up with treatment, so the vet prescribed something that coats the stomach and helps stomach ulcers, and the diarrhea went away. My eyes got really big, and I said, “GIVE me this miracle stuff!” She brought me what was left of it – there’s not much left, so I’ll have to get some more. It’s called sucralfate, and I had never heard of it before yesterday. I’ll be sure to let you all know if it helps them, as every kitten in the world is basically guaranteed to get diarrhea at some point. Or so it seems.

A stranger gets his paws wet (because they are the Raindrops, after all).

IMG_5516Splash sees the stranger for the first time, and gets a little worried.

IMG_5526Splash hides from the stranger in the bucket of pillows and stuffed animals.

IMG_5531The stranger checks out his new accommodations.

IMG_5568Summer keeps an eye on the stranger, while wondering what kind of food he brought with him and if it’s any better than her own food.

IMG_5544The stranger gives Summer the nervous face.

IMG_5550He’s not quite sure what to make of her.


IMG_5618Splash watches the stranger worriedly.

IMG_5611The stranger came too close for Splash’s comfort, and she gave him her most ferocious look in hopes of scaring him away.

IMG_5574The stranger got a little spooked and went to hide behind his toy mouse.

IMG_5579The stranger, having growled and hissed at Summer, watches her to make sure she doesn’t come any closer.

IMG_5602And Summer watches him back.

IMG_5591Isn’t he a pretty little poser?


IMG_5645Overexposed, but I actually like this picture very much.

IMG_5603Listening to the sound of Monkeys monkeying around next door.

IMG_5629The stranger does a little flirtin’ with Summer.

IMG_5630“She’s purrrrrrty.”

IMG_5640I put their food bowls close to each other in hopes that they’ll start to associate each other with good things (i.e. food).

About this little kitten. He is the aforementioned kitten that was treated with the sulcrafate, and he’s been by himself since his two brothers were adopted on Saturday. I’ve been thinking about getting another kitten to be a buddy for Splash – she has her mom, so she’s not by herself, but her mom doesn’t play with her like another kitten might. When she was talking about this kitten, we agreed that he was perfect to be Splash’s buddy – healthy, just the right size, and also in need of a friend. He was bottle fed, and he is such a little LOVE – he purrs like he wouldn’t believe, he likes to be held, he likes to have his tummy rubbed, and he arches his back when you pet him.

When we introduced them (read: tossed him in the room where Splash and Summer reside and watched their reactions), there was a fair amount of growling from both parties. Splash surprised me by not wanting much to do with the stranger – she kept a very safe distance, never approaching the stranger, and on the one or two times that I picked her up and placed her close to the stranger, she ran off a short distance until she felt there was enough buffer space. I suspect it’ll take some time for them to get used to each other.

Summer also surprised me by not being bothered by this pipsqueak of a furball ONE BIT. She was curious about him and approached him a few times, and despite the fact that he spewed a mouthful of insults at her in Cat, she never once hissed, growled, floofed, or smacked him.

His name is Bennett, or Ben, but I’d like to change his name, something to go with Splash, perhaps. I think I should call him Squirt, because really, how perfect is a kitten named Squirt, anyway?