On Saturday, I took Misty, Breezy, Splash, and Summer to the adoption stand. There were quite a few people interested, but none of the Raindrops were adopted, and I left feeling sort of disappointed. Sunday morning, I was taking a video of the kittens and Summer to try to market their adoption. I was trying to get Misty and Splash to play, but Breezy was hogging the toy, as usual. That’s when I got the call that someone was interested in Misty and Breezy and wanted to know if they could see them that day.

Just a few hours later…Misty-Breezy… these two sweet siblings went home together!

My sadness that they’re gone is matched only by my happiness that they got to go to such a great home TOGETHER. Here are the last pictures that I took of these two (plus the video where Breezy does his leapin’.)

IMG_8000Sweet, sweet boy.

IMG_8054Sunshine and shadows on his face.

IMG_8058This photo was so cute, I thought about using it to update his picture on the website.

IMG_8094Okay, most of them are of Breezy. What can I say?

IMG_8110Always that one! (I was trying to get a picture of the three of them together.)


IMG_8117Yep, that’s the best I can do. (Which is actually not a bad picture, but I wish the light were coming from the FRONT instead of from the back.)

IMG_7944Gosh, I just don’t know if Breezy is comfortable enough.


IMG_7955Gorgeous Misty, one last time.

Leaping Breezy, as promised, with dramatic music to make everything better.

IMG_8232I finally named the house panther monkey. His name is Skipper. I had to come up with a name quickly for the vet, and Skipper popped into my mind. I think it goes with Bounce, wouldn’t you agree?

IMG_8259Lap time with Rascal.

IMG_8277Mischief looks sweet and innocent here, but deep inside she’s true to her monkey nature.

IMG_8286Fooling you with those eyes.

IMG_8335Bounce has been doing well these past few days. The improvement has been very slow, but it’s there, and I think his condition is stable now. He has a good appetite, but he doesn’t drink much, so I water down his food. He is slowly inching past the one-pound mark (the other boys are well past two pounds, and Mischief is close). Still doesn’t have much energy to play with the other kittens, but we’ll get there soon.

IMG_8325Kitten or fuzzy bug-eyed alien? You decide.