It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Today is one of my favorite holidays – Black Cat Appreciation Day! In my experience, black cats tend to be the last adopted out of the litter, even though their personalities are just the BEST. We usually celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day by having a special adoption fee for black cats, but at this time we don’t have that many black cats up for adoption. So I’m going to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day with a look back at all of our black fosters, and I’ll be posting pictures of Skipper all day on Facebook and Instagram!

IMG_0466Our very first black foster was this beautiful smoke, named Pepper. He was declawed and left to fend for himself for six weeks when his owner was incarcerated. So, as you can imagine, he was in pretty rough shape when he came to us. We got him fixed up, and after a few weeks, he was adopted. Unfortunately, he was returned in August of 2014 because the owner was moving across the country and couldn’t bring him. When he was returned, he looked like this:

IMG_5458(Sorry for the awful, awful lighting. A lot of my old pictures have terrible lighting, because I didn’t take as much notice of those things as much back then.) He filled out quite a bit, and his hair grew in. Fortunately, he was adopted pretty quickly after he was returned.

After Pepper was adopted the first time, our next foster was Princess Leia. She and her five kittens were posted online on Craigslist because she kept getting pregnant (well, what did you expect from an unspayed female cat that you let outside?) and they didn’t have the time for her and her kittens.


IMG_1177All of Princess Leia’s kittens were tuxies!

We got another black kitten in our next litter: Grace, the only girl and the only black kitten in a litter of six.

IMG_2192Grace nursing with her siblings at two-ish weeks old.


IMG_3138Grace and three of her brothers initially tested positive for feline leukemia, but thankfully they were negative when they were retested a few weeks later.

IMG_4133It took a while longer for that group of kittens to be adopted, because of that initial positive test for the FeLV held them back a little. Of the litter, Grace was the last to be adopted.

IMG_1248One of the last pictures of Grace, before she was finally adopted at the age of six months!

Before Grace was adopted, I took in another litter with one black kitten, but I never got any pictures of him because he was adopted by a friend before I even put him on the website.

A few months later, Lizzie came into residence. She’d been with another foster for a few weeks and had a curious head tilt from an ear infection.

IMG_8572Lizzie was only here for a few days before she was adopted.

IMG_0262Around the spring of 2014, I pulled a snowshoe mix mama from the pound with her three newborn kittens. Truffles and Velvet (pictured above at 8 weeks old) were two of those kittens.  Velvet was adopted first, and Truffles was adopted a short while later with her sister.

IMG_7919This cat wasn’t my foster, but I took this picture and the eyes were so cool that I blacked out the background and made it into a print on my Etsy shop. It’s one of my most popular prints!

During January of 2015, I was asked to take in a pregnant black cat, and Eva became our next foster.

IMG_2074After believing that Eva was pregnant for about three weeks, I finally had an X-ray done at the vet and discovered that Eva was not, indeed, pregnant, but instead had pyometra, an infection which causes the uterus to be enlarged because it’s full of pus. (Though, the vet palpated her belly and she did say that she thought that she felt fetuses, so perhaps she WAS pregnant at one point and lost the kittens.)

IMG_8550Eva had a lot of health complications, and sadly she passed away in September. I had her for longer than I’ve had any other foster cat, and I miss her a lot.

After we discovered that Eva wasn’t pregnant, we took in a cat who actually WAS pregnant, and one of her kittens was this little black bear:

IMG_4286His name was Beetle.

IMG_5034Oh, those EYES.

IMG_6969Sleepy boy.

IMG_6457Posing on the scratcher.

IMG_7851Beetle was about four months old when he was finally adopted in July – and yes, he was the last of his litter to be adopted.

In August, we had the Cereal Kittens in residence, which you’ll remember if you read this post.

IMG_1284Lucky Charm was the only solid black one out of that litter. He was actually one of the first to be adopted of that litter – he was adopted with his brother. In fact, all those kittens were adopted very quickly!

At the very end of August, I took in two very sick kittens. One of the kittens died, but the other one pulled through, and once he was healthy, we needed a buddy for him. So we brought home Raisin to be his buddy.

IMG_3177I had Raisin pose for some fall-themed pictures. Here’s one I posted got sale on Etsy – I love that picture, but it’s actually never been sold.

IMG_3818Raisin and Finn – his buddy – were very bonded, and I so wanted them to be adopted together, but they were getting past four months old and one of our volunteers who had another cat wanted to adopt Finn. Finn went home, and Raisin was adopted a few days after that.

Next up – Magic!IMG_4741Magic was in a cage by himself at the pound – there were a lot of singleton kittens there at the time, so I chose four different kittens from three different cages and lumped them all together. I guess THAT wasn’t such a great idea, because one of them had cyptosporidium and presumably gave it to all the rest of them. After two and a half months of various treatments, they were finally diagnosed, and it was another month and a half of treatment before they could finally be adopted. And they were all adopted pretty quickly!

IMG_6686Magic, six months old.

Do you recognize this next kitty?


IMG_0339How about now?

IMG_1815It’s Tweetie Pie, one fifth of the Pie Babies and daughter of Sugar Pie!

IMG_7640Thinking back, Tweetie Pie was the last adopted of the Pie Babies, too, even though she went home before Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie did.

I almost forgot to include this next cat…

image (3)How could I forget that fabulously floofy Rembrandt? Yes, he could be a little ornery, but he could be sweet, too, as long as you knew to hold back when he didn’t want to be touched.

Annnnnnnnd that brings us right up to Skipper!

IMG_6378On the day I brought him home. He was so tiiiiiiiiiny!

IMG_5459And now.

And those are all the black cats that have stayed at Hotel TTT! I counted them all up and was surprised to realize that there’s only been fourteen – I guess it seems like more because a lot of the black cats stayed for a while, and because I’ve also had a lot of tuxies, too (no tuxies were included in this post).

If you’re in the market for another cat, black is DEFINITELY the way to go. Of course, I fall in love with each and every cat that I foster, but of all the fosters I’ve had, if I could have kept any, my first choice probably would have been Raisin – he was just so SWEET – and my next choice would have been Grace. Black cats truly have the best personalities. And if you already have a black cat, give him/her an extra hug today in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day!