7-15-16 Bounce is back

I went and picked up Bounce from the vet yesterday. He seems to be doing well for the time being. He is alert and moving around; he also ate quite a bit of kitten food and lapped up some goat’s milk. (Goat’s milk is okay for kitties – just not cow’s milk.) His stools are better than they were, although still not anywhere close to normal, and there was a lot of blood in his stool. The others are back-and-forth with their stools getting better, then worse. I will continue with the probiotics and pumpkin throughout the weekend and watch all of them, and if it doesn’t seem to be consistently getting better, I might go ahead and do that PCR test. (The vet’s got me thinking about cryptosporidium now!) So, I don’t think Bounce is out of the woods yet, but I’d say he’s definitely heading in the right direction, and I am so hopeful for him.

IMG_7927(I had him wrapped in a towel because I had just washed off his bottom.)


IMG_7928Sweet, sweet boy.

I went up and snapped some pictures of Maya yesterday. I had only intended to post maybe one or two pictures, but I ended up getting a few good ones, so I thought I’d share them all.

IMG_7826This is a nice picture, except the lighting is so good that you can hardly see her pupils.

IMG_7863I love this picture – she looks so dreamy.

IMG_7855Did I mention that her favorite past-time is biscuit-making?

IMG_7856“Sloooooowly reaching for you, lady….”

IMG_7857“…sloooooowly reaching…”

IMG_7841“C’mere and give me a hug, lady. My claws aren’t that sharp.”