7-13-16 Update

I am tired, so instead of trying to write a full blog entry, I am going slap on some pictures of a litter I fostered last year that remind me very much of the Monkeys, appearance-wise, and after that I’ll give you an update on Bounce in case you haven’t been following Facebook.

Meet the Cereal Kittens, fostered last August.

IMG_1284Lucky Charm (HAD to give that name to the black one) reminds me very much of our house panther Monkey.

IMG_1302Cheerio bears the most resemblance to Bounce.

IMG_1246Coco Puff doesn’t look very much like any particular Monkey, because she’s got the orange and none of the Monkeys do.

IMG_7123You’ll note Trix’s similarity to Mischief.

apple-jack1Apple Jack’s coloring is the most similar to Mischief, although he doesn’t have the floof that she does.

They must be about a year old now. I bet those little fuzzyheads have turned into gorgeous, floofy cats.

IMG_0970This is Licorice, from a different litter. I must say, he reminds me more strikingly of Mischief than any of the cereal kittens.

Tuesday morning, Bounce seemed to crash. I could get him to eat some baby food, but he was so lethargic and so weak he could hardly move around. Finally I brought him to the vet again. The vet said that the only other thing that she could think of would be to treat him for cryptosporidium, a type of parasite that can’t be found in a normal fecal check. We’re going to start him on the Tylan, and if the others’ stool doesn’t improve soon, I may have them do a PCR analysis to see if that’s what we’re dealing with. The problem is, the treatment takes so long that if he does have crypto, I doubt he’d pull through long enough for the medicine to help him.

One of the vet techs also fosters kittens; actually, she cared for a litter of sick kittens quite recently. While I was there, she offered to take him and look after him for a day or two so I could get some rest and stop worrying for a little while. (Well, I’m still going to worry, but probably not as much.) Also, she can give him sub-q fluids herself – something that I don’t have the equipment to do – so she can give him fluid more often. I don’t know if he’ll make it, but if he does, at least I’ll feel a little more rested and able to take care of him when I get him back.

Here’s the good news, since we could all use a little good news: the other three kittens are doing well, and I have  no doubt in my mind that they’ll be absolutely fine. The boys have already reached 2 pounds, and Mischief is weighing in at nearly a pound and a half – she’s gained almost 4 ounces in the last few days. I can’t help but wonder if they are from different litters because the two shorthairs are so much bigger and healthier.

Back to Bounce: I saw him yesterday afternoon after I left him. He was laying on a hot-water bottle and although he didn’t look like he had the energy to move around much, he looked pretty alert. The foster sent me an update later and said he was being alert and walking around. I’m a little relieved that he’s in someone else’s hands for now.

I really hope he makes it. I don’t want to lose him, too.