IMG_7489“Dat food was yummy. Five out of five stars!”

IMG_7525He was watching Misty play under the cat tree and preparing to pounce on her. Luckily, I managed to distract him long enough to snap this picture.

IMG_7542Pretty Summer.


IMG_7546Misty investigates the bookshelf and wonders why the sheets are so messily folded. (I find it interesting that the angle of the picture makes it look like the bookshelf is slanted.)

IMG_7562“I can haz snuggle?” Of COURSE you can, honey, you don’t need to ask twice! Poor little things, they’ve gotten hardly any attention this week!

I named Bounce in hopes that he would bounce back. He seems to have taken to his name, except in a different way than I expected – instead of bouncing back, he’s bouncing along. It’s just so touch-and-go with him right now. Sunday night, before I went to bed, he perked up a little, but during the night and through Monday afternoon he didn’t want to eat again. Monday evening, he perked up again and started eating more on his own. The problem is, he always uses the litter box right after he eats, so I don’t know if he’s absorbing any nutrients; also, the others’ stool seems to be improving, while his is not. He hasn’t gained a single ounce since I got him last week. The vet gave him a B12 shot, and I keep adding probiotics to his food, but other than that I don’t know what else to do. I know some of you who read this blog also foster kittens, so if you’ve come across this before, suggestions would be welcome. I think there’s a chance that he’ll be okay, and also a chance that he still might not make it. If he can’t absorb the nutrients, then we’re fighting a losing battle no matter how much I can get him to eat.

IMG_7459Poor little sweetheart, we’re doing everything we can for you right now.

IMG_7382“Lady, we sees you have the baby food.”

IMG_7377“GIVE US THE BABY FOOD! How come you only let the little guy have it?”

(I love how the black one is just sitting next to her looking at me like “Yeah!” and Rascal is chilling in the back, totally oblivious. Mischief is NUTS for baby food.)

IMG_7447Sweet, sweet Rascal.

IMG_7425Have I mentioned how SWEET this boy is? He’s so gentle, and he PURRS like nothing else. I have a soft spot for gray boys.