8-11-16 The Monkeys only have eyes for…

…the feather toy.

IMG_4431Look at them all, watching.

IMG_4490I’m pretty sure Mischief has got her eye on her brothers playing with the feathers.

IMG_4536“Lady, you gonna wave that wand over here?”

IMG_4548The lighting is not the best, but I love the composition of this picture.

IMG_4388Eye on – what else? – the feathers.

IMG_4262“LADY, you get over here so I can snuggle you!”

IMG_4319Oh, Rascal. Such a demanding little lovebug.

IMG_4327Skipper, chillin’ on the cat tree.

IMG_4406Some posing.

IMG_4357More chillin’.

IMG_4280Chillin’ with his bro.

IMG_4412I LOVE this innocent little face.

IMG_4581Any idea what they’re looking at? Come on, guess!


IMG_4593I love this picture SO SO much – three kittens in one picture, in focus, and looking at the camera. Now if only I could squeeze Bounce in there!

I’d hoped to get the Monkeys ready for adoption this weekend, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. They’re on Metronidazole for a bacterial overload (which, by the way, is very very bitter – more bitter than I remember from the times I’ve given it – by now, they all skidaddle at even the sight of a syringe. Fortunately, they don’t seem to remember that I give them such awful stuff when the syringes are not in sight.) And their diarrhea still. is. not. clearing. up. The only other time it’s gone on this long was with a litter I had last fall that had cryptosporidium. And these guys were tested for that and they don’t have it!

IMG_4098“I can haz snuggle?” Of course you can, Splash.