7-11-16 Thank you

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words about Bandit – they mean more than you know. It is just so difficult to try so hard to save them and then be beaten.

I took Misty, Breezy, and Summer to the adoptathon this weekend. Unfortunately, none of them were adopted. There was a person on Saturday who was really interested in adopting Misty and Breezy together, and she promised to come back on Sunday, but I didn’t see her. I was disappointed – I’m really hoping for those two to be adopted together – but I guess they just have to wait for the right person.

IMG_7073Misty, you are just so darn GORGEOUS.

IMG_7022“I KNOW, LADY.” :snicker:

IMG_6998Pleeeeeeease, Mama, is the snack bar still open? (After the Raindrops turned six or so weeks old, Summer hardly nursed them, so I don’t think she’s got anything left – they’re probably just comfort nursing. She put up with it for a little bit, but I don’t think she let them do that very long!)

IMG_7068Oh, that serious little face.

IMG_7050Look at Breezy, just showing off for the camera. He KNOWS how handsome he is.

IMG_7075Breezy loves his mama.

IMG_7081Breezy hugs his mama. (Well, it LOOKS like he was hugging her, but in actuality they were attacking each other. Sweet, aren’t they?)

This is somewhat unrelated, but I stumbled across this picture the other day:IMG_5468That’s former foster Beetle. Would you LOOK at the attitude that is radiating from that little old man face? His expression reminds me so much of…

IMG_8885…Breezy, when he was that age.

IMG_7005And look, he can still be a grumpy old man sometimes!

The Monkeys finished their meds over the weekend, and as I mentioned on Friday, I had them retested and they were negative for any parasites. So with any luck, the house is free of coccidia and giardia for now. Their stools are better than they were, but definitely not anywhere close to normal, so it’s supportive care for now in the form of canned pumpkin and probiotics mixed in with their food, and a switch to easy-digest GI food per the vet’s reccomendation. Their digestive systems probably need some time to recover from having coccidia, giardia, and probably worms for so long.

Since I lost Bandit, Bounce had been pulling along. Unfortunately, he started to become more lethargic and eating less on Saturday night. He remained that way all through the night and Sunday morning. He’s still so much weaker than the other three, and although he is eating on his own, I just can’t keep any weight on him. I first let him eat off the plate with the other kittens, but after he turns away from that, I can usually get him to eat more by letting him sit on my lap and lick the stuff off my fingers (yes, he is SPOILED.) At one point, Rascal, the solid gray one, was also sitting on my lap and started licking my fingers, and he promptly chomped down HARD. So, lap-sitting and finger-licking privileges are reserved for Bounce alone (again, he is SPOILED.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.47.25 PMMischief reveals that she is actually an elusive species known as the white-heart-bellied tuxie.

IMG_7269With fabulous whiskers.

IMG_7302House panther (who still needs a name) looks sweet and innocent here, but really he is focusing on me with all the hatred he can muster in his little kitten brain for giving him a deworming pill. He does NOT like taking meds. Poor guy.

IMG_7346The best picture of Rascal. He’s hard to get a picture of, that one.

IMG_7340Poor little Bounce.

I haven’t mentioned the mother cat, Maya, as much because I was so focused on the kittens, but I did separate her from the kittens, because she’s not really taking care of them and because I started her medications later than the kittens. She is very uninterested in any type of food. I’m not quite as worried about her because she’s an adult cat, she should be okay, but it bothers me because she’s so thin. She has been eating some of the food that I was giving to the kittens before I switched them to the GI food. I guess she thinks I don’t have enough to worry about, huh, Maya?