8-10-16 The Musicians

IMG_3800Oh Rhythm, you are such a sweet, sweet boy.

IMG_3906Is it just me, or are his eyes slightly wonky?

IMG_3902Maybe he’s just a loony boy.

IMG_3823Follow the direction of his gaze, and you’ll see that he’s eyeing…. Music’s tail.

IMG_3836I love this silly, goofy girl.


IMG_3979Rhythm, Music, and Melody are starting to venture outside of the kitten pen…

IMG_3875…while Tempo stays safe and cozy in the Tempo cave.

IMG_3937I love them at this age – you can’t help but laugh at the way they toddle around and attack each other by rolling around and slapping each other with soft paws.

IMG_3854The paws are reaching for you!

IMG_3989The cute is going to grab you and suck you in!

IMG_3938It appears that Rhythm has left his sisters for the safety of the Musician Cave.

IMG_3883“I was just… um… keeping Tempo company. Yeah! That’s right!”

IMG_3895“Ginger brudders gotta stick together, you know!’

The Musicians are just starting to get to the age where they can escape the kitten pen, or, as I’m starting to call it, the Musician Cave. Yesterday, I cleaned up the pen a little bit and flipped it upside-down so that I can zip up the “doors” halfway – that will allow Harmony to get in and out more easily but will keep the kittens safe in the pen. I also moved Harmony’s food and litter box outside the pen, since she has the run of the whole third floor now, and put in a bed, some toys, and a scratcher for the kittens (they don’t really scratch much yet, but it’s got a curved shape and the kittens love to jump up on it).

IMG_4054“What you expect me to do with these toys, lady?”