6-8-16 The story of why it is really hard to take pictures of kittens

This is the story of why it was really hard to get pictures of the Raindrops yesterday.

Are you ready?

  1. I walked into the kitten room with my camera, ready to take pictures.
  2. My camera was low on battery.
  3. This happened:




IMG_2751(That’s Splash, asleep with her head cradled in my hand – and it was REALLY hard to get this picture!)



And then my camera died after that. I must admit, though, there is nothing that makes me happier than when they run over to me and immediately climb into my lap when I go in the foster kitten room to spend time with them.

I did get pictures of Summer because she was hanging around while the kittens were snoozing in my lap. Here are some of her many expressions:



The Floofy Ears of Sugar Pie.IMG_2810

IMG_2811Sugar Pie finds that the chipmunks rustling in the bushes are much more interesting than the weird noises I’m making to get her attention.

IMG_2815Floofy annoyed ears.

IMG_2819“Why you making weird noises, lady?”


IMG_2824She’s such a beauoooootiful girl.