IMG_3206Bounce, waiting to pounce. I have no idea what he’s eyeing – probably a toy or littermate – but I recognize that mischievous glint in his eyes!

IMG_3221Close-up on Rascal.

IMG_3234Eye on the feather toy.

IMG_3181The pretty Mischief, in all her floofy, whiskery glory.

IMG_3187Eye on the ceiling fan.


Skipper’s name suits him. He’s the fastest to escape by hopping over the baby-gate and racing around to explore. There’s a certain point where if the kittens are in the bathroom long enough, they start to get restless and want out. I’m thinking about putting them in with Splash – I’m sure she’d be thrilled to have some buddies to play with – but it will have to wait ’til the end of the week at least.

IMG_3246Sweet, sweet little munchkin.

IMG_3269Looking out the window.

IMG_3278She and her mama are such a sweet pair.


IMG_3348My goodness, these kittens are looking more and more grown up every day.

IMG_3307Melody, have your ears sproinged already? Goodness, when did that happen? Every time I post on Monday, I feel like these kittens have GROWN UP over the weekend!

IMG_3356This boy NEEDS a kiss. (Though I doubt he’d agree with me on that.)

The Musicians are making music today.







IMG_3407Oh, the smug has simply KILLED me.