I was browsing Instagram yesterday and was alerted that there is a Facebook page that is stealing photos and videos from fosters posting on Instagram, and, from what I can understand (the page is in Portuguese), they are also asking for donations. I went to look, and found two videos and two pictures I’d taken of the Musicians had been stolen and posted on that page. Link to first video, link to second video, link to first picture, link to second picture. I reported the page – it looks like it’s been up for a couple months at least, and I’m honestly a little bit shocked that it’s been standing for so long and it hasn’t been noticed until now, or at least, Facebook hasn’t taken it down. It would be much appreciated if you all would also go and report it. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/adoteummiauau/?fref=ts It’s very upsetting that people would infringe on others’ pictures and videos to try and scam people out of their money, not only for myself but also for the other fosters that work so hard to rescue kittens and share pictures through social media.

Update: Looks like I’ll have to submit a copyright infringement notice to Facebook – you can still report, but it likely won’t do much, Facebook will probably just tell you to inform the copyright holder. I’m still going to post this in case any of my fellow bloggers want to take a look and see if they can find any of their own content – I scrolled through a lot of pictures and videos and I would’ve alerted you if I’d seen anything that I recognized, but you might want to go check it out, as you know your own photos better than I do!

IMG_2881Oh, Splash, if those eyes of yours got ANY bigger, I do believe they’d pop right out of your head!


IMG_2908Oh, so endearing. I think she’s practicing her “Pleeeeeease adopt me!” face for tomorrow!

IMG_2897“You said WHAAAAAAAT?”

IMG_2827The tiny tongue sticking out of his mouth cracks me up. I love it when cats do that!

IMG_2785Sweet boy.

IMG_2788This boy is a teaser. He likes to jump up on the cat tree, pause and look at me endearingly for just long enough for me to start focusing the camera, and then he’ll jump on my lap before I get a chance to snap a picture.

IMG_2800How am I supposed to resist?

IMG_2752Pretty girl.

IMG_2774When I first got the Monkeys, I thought it was ironic that I’d chosen the naming theme and they’d turned out to be the sickest group of kittens that I’d fostered in nearly a year. NOW they’re living up to their names. Mischief, in particular, likes to scramble up my back and perch on my shoulders, and the others are following her lead. I think they just see me as a cat tree that needs to be climbed.

IMG_2914Poor Tempo has such a worried little face.

IMG_2988So does Rhythm, for that matter.

IMG_2984I adore kittens with worried little faces.

IMG_2989Rhythm has a fabulous smile, which I just love.

IMG_2936Music, giving me a good thinking-over.

IMG_3019The first paw-washing for Melody.

IMG_3031Oh, his FACE!

IMG_3022“I gots a cute face too, lady!”

IMG_2946Oh yes, Rhythm… yes you do.

Video time! Random cute things from the Musicians. Tempo gives his brother a passionate kissing, and there’s a lot of flailing around.