7-1-16 The Friday Song




IMG_6059“FRRRRRRIIIIIIDAY!” (I imagine them chorusing this in progressively higher voices.)

IMG_6012Splash’s eyes are the most gorgeous golden-orange color.

IMG_6027Close-up on the eyes (which actually look kind of greenish in this picture.)

IMG_6055Sleepy boy…

IMG_6031…sleepy girl…

IMG_6072…sleepy boy again.

IMG_6108Breezy practices his most innocent expression. He’s getting pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

IMG_6202Summer shows off her beautiful colors.

IMG_6209So much wonder.

The other day, I noticed something interesting.

On her back feet, Summer has socks that go almost all the way up to her body, and she has orange and black spots on the back of her feet.

IMG_6142It’s a little harder to see the orange spot on the lower leg, but it’s there!

IMG_6148This picture shows the orange spot a little bit better.

And guess who also has spots on their back feet?

IMG_6127That’s right, Misty! She’s even more like her mom than I realized. They even both have the larger spot on their right legs. Isn’t that neat? I think so, anyway.