6-1-16 Misty’s first drink of water…

…went something like this.







She’s such a silly girl.

IMG_1524Splash’s face is sweet enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

IMG_1519I’m pretty sure I could spend all day just looking at her sweet face and be perfectly happy.

IMG_1607“Hey, I have a sweet face TOO!” says Misty, who puts on her sad-eyes.

IMG_1614Breezy is just a boy full o’ wonder.


IMG_1639“Dis foot is yummy.”

IMG_1651“I DID NOT just bite your knee. Really I didn’t!”

IMG_1546Summer, you are such a gorgeous, gorgeous mama.

IMG_1705“I KNOW, lady, you’ve told me that a million times already.”

IMG_1456Is it snack time?

Movie time! Misty and Breezy think it’s snack time, but their mama Summer doesn’t.

The Raindrops are using the litter box like champs. They’re also eating the litter like champs. I will never understand why kittens this age turn their noses up at real food, but happily chow down on litter.