IMG_5715Oh, Splash, sweetheart.

IMG_5722Silly girl.

IMG_5778“Is it…? It’s not glaring back at me, is it…?”

IMG_5739Breezy pondered stealing the toy from Misty.

IMG_5825But, for once, he let Misty have the toy. (Whenever I break out the feather wand, though, he hogs it and doesn’t let his sisters have a chance!)


IMG_5967Om nom nom.

IMG_5984Misty ponders her next move.

IMG_5985She sees…

IMG_5795…a box, whih she is NOT about to share with Breezy.

IMG_5862Sleepy Breezy.

IMG_5995Misty cracks me up when she plays with her toy mice.

Video! Misty has the hippity-hoppities, with a special appearance by Breezy. Isn’t she the funniest girl?