5-11-16 Kitten Graduation Day

Yesterday was Kitten Graduation Day; the kittens graduated to the foster room. Summer seemed a little nervous at first – the mama cats are usually a little nervous when I move kitty families to the foster room – but after a little while, she was purring and letting me pet her, and by afternoon she was acting like her normal self. The one who DIDN’T adjust well was Sugar Pie. For the past few days, I have been letting Sugar Pie run around the house and go back into the foster room when she wanted (and when I wanted her out of the way). My plan was to let her have the run of the house during the day and put her on the third floor at night. However, when I moved the kittens, Sugar Pie made it clear that she was NOT HAPPY that she was not allowed back in the foster room. (She’s been a little better today since she’s been running around the house. I hope that she adjusts soon!)

Also, you know what I said yesterday about there being better light in the foster room? Well, yesterday the gods laughed at my plans, because it was cloudy and I didn’t get a chance to take some pictures until it started getting dark. MAYBE today I’ll be able to get those better pictures that I was hoping for!

I should add that Summer has turned out to be a very good mommy. She lets them nurse, she licks them, and she stays in the kitten pen with them even when it’s not zipped up. She seems far more relaxed now, too – she doesn’t give me that anxious “What do I do?” look when one of them starts crying.

*IMG_6439Oh, Summer, you beautiful, beautiful girl.

IMG_6371Splash’s eyes are now opening! That means that everyone has opened their eyes so far – at least partway!

IMG_6393“I haz one, two… No! One and a half eyes.”