6-17-16 Misty the Sailor

IMG_4380Sad eyes from Splash.

IMG_4390Sweet, sweet face.

IMG_4426They sure do love this kitten bed.

IMG_4433Snack time for Summer and Splash. (Misty and Breezy were more interested in running around the room like, well, crazy little kittens.)

IMG_4485All aboard the S.S. Scratching Post!

IMG_4489To the crow’s nest!

IMG_4501Looking through the telescope?

IMG_4498“Land ho!”

IMG_4506“Help, help! I’m falling into the water!”

IMG_4535Breezy, snoozing away on the cat tree.

IMG_4446I love how sharp this picture is.

IMG_4522“It’s shiiiiiiiny.”

I was working on Sugar Pie’s video, and this happened, and it made me laugh so very much.

IMG_4567“I am the King.”

IMG_4568“Hear me ROAR!”