6-16-16 Videos!

I’m planning an adoption video for Sugar Pie when the time comes, hopefully next week (and I am very tempted to use the song “I Can’t Help Myself”. I don’t know. We’ll see!) Sadly, despite the title, I do not actually have any videos for you today. ┬áBut I’d like to make a ton of cat videos this kitten season to help promote adoptions, and I wanted to ask for your all’s help in coming up with ideas. It could be anything from educational and informative to fun and cute – but I mostly want to promote kitten adoptions (of general or specific kittens). I guess you could say I was inspired by this totally adorable video (with awesome music) made by Tinykittens, and I was also thinking about making a kitten video because adoptions are slow right now, and anything that we can do to kickstart that would be great. So what kind of video would get you all thinking about adopting?

IMG_3891Sleepy, sleepy Splash.

IMG_4014Streeeeeetch it out, Summer.

IMG_4023Breezy wonders if it’s Friday yet.

IMG_4024“Is not Friday?”

IMG_4027“WHAT? But I’ve been waiting all WEEK for Friday.”

IMG_4083Can. Not. Resist. This. Face.

IMG_4101Misty has some deep thoughts. Or maybe sleepy thoughts.

IMG_4104Toe lickin’ time.

IMG_4011Summer, you gorgeous mama.

IMG_4037Summer lets the kittens nurse for a rare moment.


IMG_4042Keeping Breezy’s ears clean.

IMG_4189Snuggle time for Misty and Breezy.


IMG_4219Oh, so much sweetness.