3-31-16 Kittens in the Sun

Kittens know that if Monday is for napping, then Thursday is for lounging around in the sun.

IMG_7025Honey Pie, attempting to be “cool” in the sun.

IMG_7031Soon after, she realized that is was just too tiring to be that cool.

IMG_7040Sweetie Pie in all his wonderful fuzziness.

IMG_7063Can you handle the fuzzy?

IMG_7050Can you handle the CUTE?!

IMG_7049Honey Pie thought that if she waited long enough, a seal might come up!

IMG_7055“I can wait for a seal. I AM patient!”

IMG_7167But then… she started to fall asleep.

IMG_7057“Huh? I wasn’t sleepin’! See, I’m awake!”

IMG_7087And then… a seal DID come up. A big gray seal!

IMG_7061“I didn’t know seals were that FUZZY.”

IMG_7185Sleepy sleepy Cutie Pie. His eyes are quite interesting, too.

IMG_7100Beautiful Mama.