6-14-16 Raindrops in the sun

IMG_3508Misty hanging out in her favorite spot on the Leopard House.

IMG_3611Sunday, I posted this picture of Misty on Facebook. It’s a picture I took of Misty using a fisheye lens filter, and I think it looks pretty neat.

Here’s the original picture:


IMG_3550Lounging around in the sun and wrestling.

IMG_3554Misty looks SO displeased.

IMG_3599 Splash shares a snack with her mama.

IMG_3601Believe it or not, she’s turned out to be the biggest eater of the three of them. I guess she thinks she needs to catch up with her brother and sister! (And her brother and sister are HUGE for their age – they’re not even seven weeks old, and Breezy has already surpassed 2 pounds, with Misty just a couple of ounces behind. I guess that’s partly why Splash looks so tiny next to them!)

IMG_3640Her face is totally irresistible.

IMG_3616Her tummy is irresistible, too.

IMG_3652Sleepy Breezy in the sunshine.

IMG_3653Cuteness overflow from Misty.

IMG_3647Being a cool cat in the Leopard House.

IMG_3648“Look, people, look! I got toes!”

IMG_3655Summer shows off her expressive face.

Please enjoy this 30-second video of Misty playing with the zipper on the kitten pen.