3-21-16 Kittens in Motion

I brought the feather wand in to play with the kittens, and they were extremely bored by it. In fact, they weren’t interested in it at all.

IMG_5905I mean, come on. Look how bored they are.

IMG_5855They just don’t care for it at all.

IMG_5864“Come on, lady. You couldn’t find us a better toy than THIS?”




IMG_5934Tweetie Pie is flailing with her paws up, and her brothers are looking on like, “You get it, Tweetie Pie!”

IMG_5950The Look of Ultramost Innocence.



IMG_6007I love how Pinkie Pie is going all out on the feathers, and Tweetie Pie and Sweetie Pie are just looking at her like, “What are you DOING?!”

IMG_6009“I’m a fish! I can SWIM!”