3-19-16 Honey Pie is on a mission…

Happy Caturday, everybody!

IMG_4789Honey Pie is on a mission… to get to the top of the cat tree.

IMG_4791She puts her best paw forward…

IMG_4792…and accomplishes her mission!

IMG_4800Next conquest? The world.

IMG_4880With a face like this…

IMG_5335…conquering the world will be a piece of pie. (STILL cracking myself up on this one.)

IMG_4734Clearly, one side of the plate tastes better than the other.


IMG_4897Smilin’ Sweetie.

IMG_4861Hangin’ out on the cat tree.

IMG_5012Cutie Pie in the hammock, doing what he does best.

How is your furry family enjoying Caturday today?

Yesterday morning Sugar Pie was spayed. She came through that just fine, and I picked her up last night. On the way home, she HOWLED her head off – louder than I’ve ever heard any cat howl before. Once I got her home, though, she was much quieter. I put her in the bathroom overnight to keep her calm, and she’s been pretty quiet since then. I never did find out if she was in heat or not.

Want to see her shave? (Don’t worry, it’s not graphic.)
IMG_5621Yes, you’re seeing that right – she was spayed on the side. The vet that spayed her is one of the low-cost clinics, and she does a side spay – they look strange for a while until the fur grows back, but I’ve been told it’s less invasive and easier to monitor the incision site. With all that fur gone, you can really see how thin she is – I hope she starts to fill out without the kittens to nurse on her.