5-7-16 The Happiness that Radiates from a Smug Little Kitten

IMG_5182I have been trying very, very hard to get a picture of Misty’s eyes. It is NOT easy, because the girl doesn’t like to look at the camera. Needless to say, this is the best picture I could get.

IMG_5185No eyes from Breezy yet!

IMG_5509“I don’t need no eyeballs, I’m cute enough without them!”

IMG_5375Sleepy little Breezy. His cheeks are so fat, I just want to squish them.

IMG_5239Summer contemplates how much she would hurt me if I tried to squoosh Breezy’s cheeks.

IMG_5482OH, the happiness that radiates from a smug little kitten!


IMG_5395Misty, nursing with her belly up.

IMG_5399It must taste better that way.

IMG_5412The toes are reaching for you!

IMG_5631Snugglebuddies. (I love how Misty’s arm is thrown over Splash’s neck. It’s like she’s saying, “I will protect you, sister!” Also, doesn’t Splash look really fluffy here? Maybe she WILL be long-haired!)

IMG_5077“I got claws and I ain’t afraid to use ’em.” (Not really – she’s the sweetest girl!)

IMG_5085See? Just enjoying a chin scratch. (The look on her face cracks me up.)

IMG_5138“Hmm… should I bite this, or should I not?”


IMG_5146“Tastes like chicken.”



Yesterday Sugar Pie was one happy, happy girl. The fungal test results came back – negative. That means we still don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with, but whatever it is, it’s not transmissible to other cats – which means she can finally have the run of the house. Other than some hissing and a few face-offs, she’s gotten along pretty well with the other cats – I think she’s been around for long enough and she’s been escaping the foster room so much that they’ve kinda gotten used to each other by now. She’ll go into the foster room at night for a few more days until I move the kittens into the foster room sometime next week. After that, I’ll probably set up the third floor so she can go up there at night.

I’m going to continue with the allergy food and lime dip baths for the next three weeks, and after that, we’ll see how things are.