5-6-16 Eyes Are Winkin’

IMG_4961“You better be good, people of the Internet, because I is watching you now.”

IMG_4999Oh, tis a sad, sad world out there when you are just a wee baby kitteh.


IMG_4897Kittens always look so sad when their eyes start to open. Once their eyes are fully opened, they look SO cute. (Not that they don’t right now, but… you know what I mean!)

IMG_4911“No eyes to see HERE, human. Move along!”

IMG_4912His eyes are definitely starting to loosen up a bit, though. I think he’ll be next!

IMG_5071Sleepy Splash. (No eyes from her yet, either.)

IMG_5050Misty gets a snack.

IMG_4934Sleepy pile of Raindrops.

IMG_5066“It’s okay, children. I will protect you from the sad world out there!”