5-5-16 Your Daily Dose of Kitten Yawns

Ready for your daily dose of kitten yawns? I know you are, so here goes:

IMG_4425There’s no therapy like kitten yawns.

IMG_4429“Wuz just sticking my tongue out at you, lady.”

IMG_4428“NOT yawning. See, lips are sealed! Now go away and take the camera with you.”

IMG_4569Sleeping and nursing and squirming around all day is TIRING!

IMG_4570Rough life, huh?

IMG_4622“I don’t know what was so important you had to wake me up from my nap, HUMAN.”


IMG_4557“Now I can finally go back to sleep… Humans are so annoying.”

*IMG_4549Splash yawned too, but I didn’t get a picture of her.

IMG_4421So much sleeping to do, so little time.

IMG_4400The smug face just KILLS me.

IMG_4367That is one sleeeeeeeeepy kitty. They do a lot of sleeping these days, you know.

IMG_4473I love how Misty is stretched out on top of Breezy with her paws stretched out.

*IMG_4390Mama Summer keeps an eye on me.