5-4-16 One Week Old

The Raindrops are one week old today! I’m going to have to start checkingĀ for plinking eyes – I can already see their eyes starting to loosen up a little, so I think it’s going to be soon.

IMG_4144Sleepy Splashy kitty.

IMG_4143Seriously, I just want to kiss that sweet little girl on the head.

IMG_4155I doubt that Mama Summer would be too pleased, though.

IMG_4162OH, I LOVE that shiny black berry-nose.

IMG_4164It is EXHAUSTING, being this cute.

IMG_4197In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I LOVE pink paws and itty bitty little claws.

IMG_4229Misty and Splash look up squintily, while Breezy does his own thing.

IMG_4296The little toes are SO perfect.

IMG_4315Oh, the toes, the TOES.

IMG_4239The look of pure contentment just KILLS me.

Video! The Raindrops nurse from their mama.

Did I mention that Mama Sugar LOVES her scratching post?IMG_3838

IMG_3837I mean, come on. Look at all that love.



IMG_3836The look on her face cracks me up.