5-3-16 Summer’s Sad Face

A few people commented on Facebook last yesterday that Summer hasn’t been looking as sad since she had her babies. So I took some pictures to show that yes, Summer still has her sad face; she just looks sadder in some pictures than others.

IMG_3893At first, she was all “Let me finish my snack first, lady!”

IMG_3922Then she let me get some pictures of her sad face.



She doesn’t always look sad, though: when she opens her eyes wide, she doesn’t look as sad.

Sometimes she even looks a little loony!IMG_4112


Some of you were also asking which kitten was the one that originally got stuck in the birth canal. I would’ve thought it would be the calico (the one that didn’t make it), but I found out the other day that it was, in fact, the brown tabby (Misty) who was the first kitten that got stuck.

IMG_3898ANOTHER blurry yawn! Seriously, I think those kittens move out of the camera’s depth of field to yawn on purpose.

IMG_3883I could just kiss those chubby little cheeks allllllll day.

IMG_3878“Guys, let’s put our heads together… maybe we can figure out how to get this lady to stop taking pictures of us.”

IMG_3910Little Splash. I have a soft spot for the runt, I must say.

IMG_3958The milk bar is open!

IMG_3953Poor Breezy. No one told him the right directions to the milk bar, and he ended up on the wrong side of town.

IMG_4007Pile of Raindrops, with Misty on top.

IMG_4076Mama Summer puts a paw over Breezy, keeping him safe from the dangers of the world (AKA me).


IMG_4079Breezy and Misty pose for the camera, while Splash looks for a snack.

Did I mention that Mama Sugar’s favorite game is Wait-for-the-Door-to-Open-then-Escape-the-Foster-Room-and-Run-as-Fast-as-You-Can-so-No-One-Can-Catch-You?

IMG_3868“What, me?”



That Sugar Pie sure is the funniest, funniest girl. I am still giving her the Fluconazole pills for the hair loss – she has a few more days left of that – and usually I just put it on her canned food and she eats it right up. Yesterday I ran out of the canned allergy food (I ordered some more, but it hasn’t come yet) and I figured I’d have to put the pill in her mouth and make her swallow it. I was giving her some extra crunchies around the time I usually give her wet food, and I figured, before I try to shove the pill down her throat, why not just slip it in with the crunchies and see if she eats it? She ate all of the crunchies and not the pill, and I thought, oh, well, I’ll just have to give it to her – I didn’t really expect her to eat it anyway. I offered her the empty food plate with the pill on it, and to my surprise, she licked it up! Then it fell out of her mouth again (that seems to happen a lot with cats), so I offered it to her again, and SHE ATE IT! Cracked me up for sure. I’m glad it’s so easy to give her the pills, and I’m sure Sugar Pie is thankful, too.