4-21-16 An Update on Sugar Pie

IMG_1562“The longer I bake these babies, the sweeter they’ll be.”

IMG_1707“Just imagine, sweet little babies, warm and gooey as chocolate chip cookies, with their┬áheart-melting little faces and adorable little mews. But you’ve got to wait till they’re properly baked first!”

IMG_1563Doing the Head Shake. (Maybe she was tired of listening to me asking her when she was going to have those babies.)

IMG_1609Looking up with the Eyes of Wonder.

IMG_1610Silly little girl.

IMG_1373“Hi, Internet people.”

IMG_1387“I iz checking you out.”

OK, so here’s the update on Sugar Pie: The bottom line is, it looks like I’m going to have her for at least a few more weeks. To make a long story short, several weeks ago I noticed that she’d been losing hair around her head and shoulders. The vet wanted me to try a couple different things, but none of them worked, so I ended up taking her to a dermatologist to have some tests done. I’m trying a new sensitive-skin food for her, as well as another two-week course of medication and special lime dip baths every week for the next month or two. I feel bad for the poor girl, because she won’t be allowed out of the foster room until I’m sure she’s clear, and I know she wants to be out in the house. But that’s just the way it has to be.

I was trying to get a picture of Jackon and Pinky together, and this was the result:

IMG_1516This picture CRACKS ME UP, because THEIR EXPRESSIONS, and the fact that they’re both sitting as far apart as they can possibly be while still being in the camera frame.

IMG_1527Slowwwwly getting closer.

IMG_1556And one on the cat tree together.