4-10-16 Tinee and Tweetie Pie

Yesterday was another busy day. Friday night, I checked on Summer two times during the night. In the morning, after I fed all the cats, I gave Tinee and Tweetie Pie a pep talk, loaded up into the carriers, and took them to our Caturday adoption stand. 

First, this happened…

tinee adopted

Then, this happened…

tweetie pie adoptedThis means that ALL of the Pie Babies has officially been adopted!! Can you believe that? You’d better believe me when I say I was over the moon. There’s nothing better than a successful adoption day!

Of course, I took some pictures of them yesterday morning.

Tinee first:


IMG_8609Annoyed because I was focused partly on playing with her and partly on taking pictures, and she wanted me to be 100% focused on playing.

IMG_8607Pretty, PRETTY girl.

IMG_8589She just had the most expressive face.

IMG_8614Forgive me for posting so many pictures, but she is just drop dead gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

IMG_8674It looks like her brain is being zapped by the carpet from the cat tree, which is coming apart.

IMG_8526This might be my favorite picture of her.

Next, Tweetie Pie:


IMG_8749One last grooming with her sister.

IMG_8784In the sun, you can really see how Tweetie Pie is a true black tabby. Even this picture doesn’t show her pretty stripes as well as in real life. She really is just a little black panther!


I’m going to miss these two SO MUCH, but I am glad they’ve gone to their forever homes. It will be much easier to keep up with the fosters with Tinee gone and one less kitten – and I’ll have more time to spend with Summer and the remaining Pie Babies!


Yesterday was also Clean-the-Foster-Rooms-Day, which is always fun. When I got home, I cleaned the foster kitten room. Then, because Tinee was gone, I cleaned the third floor, and then I cleaned the bathroom where Summer is, because she has not been 100% at using the litterbox.

Summer is not eating very much at the moment – in fact, I’ve tried several different kinds of kitten food, including baby food, and she’s hardly touched it. I don’t know how long it’ll be before she has the kittens. My gut feeling is that she’s got a ways to go, but some of the other fosters seemed to think she might have them sooner because when they don’t eat, it can sometimes be a sign of them going into labor. However, I know with my two previous pregnant cats, they both ate the day before they had the kittens. She is definitely rearranging the blankets and towels, and she’s been licking, but I still can’t detect any belly movement, and her belly seems small to me, which makes me think it’ll be a while. My alarms are set tonight, just in case.

She has been adjusting really well – she’s much more comfortable around me, and just loves to be petted. She really is just the sweetest little thing.

IMG_8860You have to look closely to see the belly bump, but it’s there.

IMG_8863Yep, I’m betting the kittens will be orange and/or brown.

I hope that we have the rest of the week at least for her to get settled in. I also do quite enjoy the anticipation, and I take great pleasure in knowing that you all are going to be waiting as eagerly as myself.