4-9-16 Mama Cat Update

No kittens yet (not that I expected them to come this soon, anyway).

Mama Cat is doing well. Last night, after I had written the blog entry, I heard a thump from the room and I knew she’d come out of the carrier. I tiptoed into the room and sure enough, she was crouched behind the litterbox, looking scared. I quietly closed the carrier and brought it out (I felt bad for doing that, but I don’t think I’d be doing her any favors by leaving it in there – I want her to be out in the open so she gets used to me before she has the babies.) I reached out to her, and she shrank back, so I was reluctant to touch her. I left her there and came back later to check on her. This time I did reach out to pet her. She visibly relaxed from my touch, and started purring and rubbing her face against my hand.

When I checked on her again this morning, she had rearranged the blankets, so I think she might be nesting. She’s also licking a lot. However, I’ve been watching her belly and haven’t seen any sign of movement yet, which makes me think we might have a few weeks to go. She definitely doesn’t look as big as Sugar Pie, but Sugar Pie was very thin and her belly was all baby. This cat has been pretty well fed, so her belly doesn’t appear as large in comparison. Also, the new Mama probably has one or two fewer kittens than Sugar Pie.

By Friday afternoon, she was doing so much better – she wasn’t just crouching there looking scared, she was actually feeling comfortable enough to get up and walk around a little bit.

Oh, and I’ve named her. Meet…


(Okay, I know it’s not summer YET, but by the time she’s ready to be adopted, it will be!)

The kittens will all have weather names, and they’ll be known as the Raindrops, of course.


IMG_8495I just love the light shade of brown that she is. Her fur is so thick and soft.


IMG_8461A closeup of the belly.

IMG_8457A shot from above, so you can see all her pretty colors (and the belly, of course).

I really hope that I can be there to see them all born!

And of course, today is Caturday, so Tinee and/or Tweetie Pie might be adopted today, hopefully! Please send us the adoption vibe – I’ll be back later today to announce any adoptions!