4-8-16 The Pie Babies, Tinee, and… the new gal.

Last night, this happened….

pinkie adoptedYes, that’s right, Pinkie Pie was adopted!! Which leaves just Tweetie Pie. ūüôĀ But she’ll be the only kitten at our adoption stand on Caturday, so all my fingers are crossed that¬†a really nice family comes along and just falls in love with her.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day, and when I finally got a chance to take some photos, it was dark outside and there was not much light, so¬†there are only a few pictures in today’s post.

IMG_8413OH, just look at how much bigger Tweetie Pie looks here from when she was little. STOP growing right now!

IMG_8361Honey Pie, do you think you could get ANY more smug?

IMG_8372“She’s behind me… isn’t she?”

Here’s a video I took of the Pie Babies (and Pinkie Pie) playing in the box yesterday. I love the thumping sounds.

And now, you know you want to see Tinee’s pretty face again.


IMG_8287“Hey, look at that thing up on the ceiling that’s going around and around!”

IMG_8314“If I jumped high enough, I could get it, you think?”

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Meet our newest foster.

IMG_8144Doesn’t she have the saddest, most angelic face you’ve ever seen?

This is the only picture I have of her right now, because she’s very shy and not quite willing to trust me just yet.¬†She hasn’t come out of the carrier – at least, not while I’ve been in the room with her. She’s acting like she wants to come out, but isn’t sure enough of me. I haven’t tried to pet her yet, but I’ve been watching her and giving her the slow blink, and she does it back to me.

She’s about eight months old, and a mix of tabby/calico/tortie. She’s mostly orange on her face, and mostly light brown on her back, with the cutest little white paws. She was one of a group of strays that were being fed by a kindly gentleman, who called our rescue’s phone line and asked us to take her, so we did. She spent Wednesday¬†night at the vet, and¬†I picked her up yesterday evening. I’m feeling confident that she’ll¬†come around soon.

Oh, and did I mention that she is going to have KITTENS?

Since she hasn’t come out of the carrier yet, I can’t tell how big her belly is, and I haven’t seen any movement yet. She does seem very uncomfortable though. Yesterday at the vet, they did an ultrasound on her and saw¬†at least four, possibly five kittens. One was large, and one was small – probably¬†a runt. They estimated that she would have the kittens within two weeks, although with the two pregnant cats I’ve had before, these estimates don’t end up being terribly accurate, so it might be more, or it might be less. I do hope she has a few days to settle in and get used to us before she has the kittens.

There’ll be a post tomorrow with an update and lots more pictures!