As many as one in ten humans suffers from stripes deficiency, new study finds

New research published last Caturday indicated that as many as one in ten humans may suffer from a condition known as stripes deficiency.

IMG_6678Symptoms of the deficiency included anxiety, stress, kitten fever, and the intense longing to cuddle something small, fluffy, and striped.

IMG_6629Researchers weren’t entirely what causes the condition, but the study indicated that volunteering at a local adoption center and cuddling lots of striped kittens was the best cure for the deficiency.

IMG_6822The study also found that looking at pictures of striped kittens on the Internet at least once a day can help alleviate the symptoms of stripes deficiency.

IMG_6693The researchers strongly recommended sharing kitten blogs with lots of pictures of striped kittens with your friends and family to ensure that your loved ones are not affected by stripes deficiency.


Sweetie Pie and Honey Pie… were ADOPTED TOGETHER last night!!!

honey sweetie adopted together

But here’s the catch…. Their new Daddy is moving into a new apartment in about two and a half weeks, and the new kittens will be moving straight to the new apartment. That means… these two babies are staying here until then, and we’ll get to see them for at least three more weeks! A win-win situation! 🙂