3-28-16 The Kittens Escape

So, no official adoptions yet.

I put up the baby gate on Saturday. It took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to lock it securely. When I finally got that straight, I opened the door and all the kittens came running over and stopped at the door, so I stepped over the gate and attempted to herd them all into the room so I could close the door. As I was doing this (with my cowboy hat and lasso in gear) Sugar Pie took a running start and cleared the gate in one graceful leap. I followed her into the next room and picked her up, then attempted to open the door, push the kittens away from the gate, and close the door, all while holding Sugar Pie. If they’re sleepy, or if I have food, then I can pretty much keep them in the room – but if they’re in their playful mood, then there is no containing the elephant herd of kittens.

IMG_6645Sweetie Pie gets some lovin’ from his mama.

IMG_6648He is such a mama’s boy.


IMG_6661Bunny feet! (And doesn’t Sugar Pie look so cute here?)

IMG_6679“You get it if it goes that way, and I’ll get it if it comes over here!”

IMG_6717I notice with some dismay that, less than 24 hours after vacuuming, there is litter on the carpet again. I even have a litter mat, but it doesn’t seem to be working as well as I’d hoped.

IMG_6752Honey Pie was curled up asleep on my lap, and Cutie Pie came over and decided that he wanted to play. So he tacked the sleeping Honey Pie and dragged her off my lap WHILE SHE WAS STILL SLEEPING, and she didn’t wake up till she hit the floor. I was cracking up, and Sweetie Pie gave me this look like I was crazy.

IMG_6758Gorgeous, gorgeous Tweetie Pie.

IMG_6742Pinkie Pie’s face after ripping up the paper towels. Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent here?

IMG_6778“Put that camera down and snuggle me, lady. You’re like the paparazzi or something!”


IMG_6767…power lost. Going into recharge mode…