4-3-16 Cutie Pie Adopted!

Cutie Pie was ADOPTED Friday evening, and he went home on Caturday!

cutie adoptedHe went to a really great family and has a 6 month old kitty as a buddy!

Of course, I had to take some pictures of him on Friday before he went.






IMG_7501“I got it! I got it!”

IMG_7544Lookin’ at you from the cat tree.

So he’s off to his forever home now. I hope he’s going to be a good boy!

And now one picture of each of the other Pies.

IMG_7391This hammock is part of the cat tree. Directly above the hammock there is a hole in the platform. How convenient is that! I don’t think I could have gotten this picture if the hole wasn’t there. It’s like they put it there just for me. (That’s Pinkie Pie, by the way.)

IMG_7443Beautiful Sweetie Pie and his beautiful eyes.


IMG_7366Okay, I lied. There’s two pictures of Honey Pie.

IMG_7456And last but not least, Tweetie Pie the panther, preparing to pounce on Cutie Pie!

On Caturday, I got a new foster!
Meet Tinee.

IMG_7760She’s a lynx-point Siamese mix.

IMG_7693She has slightly-crossed blue eyes.

IMG_7684She’s just over one year old, and she’s very active.

IMG_7774Isn’t she beautiful?

A few weeks ago, a lady contacted us about helping her with some cats that she had taken in. It appeared that nearby renters had been leaving cats behind, so she had taken them in. However, she has been dealing with health issues in the family and needs to move soon, and she cannot take them all with her, so we’re going to help her out and try to place some of these cats. Tinee has been with a different foster for the past week, and she’s already been spayed and vaccinated. So she’s ready to be adopted, and I will be very surprised if she isn’t adopted quickly!