3-23-16 The Truth About Kittens

Today I have to share with you an unfortunate truth about kittens. This post may change your view of kittens forever. You have been warned!

Most of the pictures that I share on the blog look something like this, y’know?


But the truth about kittens is…

they don’t really look like that.

(Well, 90% of the time they don’t, anyway.)
Do you want to know what kittens REALLY look like?
Here you go….


And that is the truth about kittens.

Yesterday, I was trying to change something on the site, and I caused the whole site to go down and locked myself out of WordPress Admin for a few hours, so if you came here and got an error message, it was the site, not you. After a great deal of troubleshooting, I was able to get the site back up and let me tell you, I was SO RELIEVED. I love trying to make Wordpress do what you want it to do (NOT).  That’ll teach me to mess with code!