3-22-16 Kitten Closeups

These kittens are CRAZY SWEET. They’ve gotten into a routine: whenever I go in, all five kittens rush towards me and come to sit on my lap and be petted, and they purr VERY LOUDLY. After about ten┬áminutes, when they’ve gotten their attention fill, they run off to play. If I leave the room and come back five minutes later, they do the same thing of running to get attention.

Want some closeups?

IMG_5638Honey Pie.

IMG_5664Pinkie Pie. Don’t you just love the dark around her eyes?

IMG_5636You know who this is.

IMG_5642At eight and a half weeks, their eyes have pretty much completely changed color.

IMG_5625“Go ‘way, hooman. I is meditating.”

After their closeups, they went off to play.

IMG_5708That FACE.

IMG_5712“I bite you, Rope-Thing-From-Cat-Tree.”

IMG_5754Invisible Guitar?


IMG_5772When Cutie Pie abandoned the toy for something better, Sweetie Pie came and took it from him.

IMG_5775It always cracks me up when they pick things up in their mouths and carry them around. Bonus points for growling.

IMG_5779But then Cutie Pie wanted it back.

IMG_5778“Oh, no, you don’t! This is MINE!”

IMG_5790“Until you give me the password, sir, you SHALL NOT PASS!”