Last night I got an email from Rembrandt’s adopters. I wasn’t able to be there for the adoption, but apparently he was really stressed out and not showing well. In their email, they said that he is doing much better at their house. He was sitting on their laps and even let them scratch his head and rub his belly. They said they are really glad they adopted him. Yay!! I love getting emails like this – it makes it so worthwhile.

IMG_4613Every bit of Pinkie Pie is adorable, from her ear fluff to her….


IMG_4668A teeny tip of tongue.


IMG_4674This face cracks me up. She looks like she just got a whiff of mustard.

IMG_4663Sweetie Pie the chowhound. (I think gray boys love their food.)

IMG_4629He’s such a purrrrtty boy. (I know I say this every day about all of them, but IT’S TRUE!)

IMG_4641Cutie Pie and the Eyes of Amazement.

IMG_4694Acting totally normal, then….


IMG_4697It’s EXHAUSTING, being this cute.

IMG_4710Cutie Pie the sleepy baby.

(P.S. The first picture was actually Honey Pie, but you didn’t know that, did you?)