3-17-16 The Commencement of Kitten Season

I heard from our intake coordinator yesterday, and it seems like someone just flipped a switch and turned on kitten season full-force. She was talking about so many litters – new kittens that she took in, litters that people had called and asked us to take, mama kitties and babies at the pound – that I couldn’t keep them all straight. I love kittens, and I feel very lucky to get the chance to foster, but hearing about so many kittens needing fosters breaks my heart because I want to take them all.

Now, on to happier news. Rembrandt was adopted yesterday!

Before he went to Petsmart on Sunday, I made a quick fun video of him to put on his profile on Petfinder, Adoptapet, and our website. That really did the trick to helpĀ him get adopted – in three days, I got four different inquiries about him, and all mentioned that they had seen the video. He went to a GREAT home – his new adopters were very patient and willing to work with him and give him time to adjust. I’m so happy it’s worked out so well for him!

The Pie Babies did really well on their vet visit yesterday – I was worried they’d be nervous, but they were very calm and the vet tech commented on how easygoing they were as she handled them. The vet said they are VERY healthy little guys (thanks to Sugar Pie’s wonderful care!) and all their combo tests came out negative, as I expected (yay!) The only thing was that the vet found that Tweetie Pie has a hernia, but it was small enough that the vet thought it would probably heal by itself.

After I took the kittens home from the vet, I put them on the screened-in porch so I could clean the kitten room (and so they could get used to being in a new place).

IMG_4551I love this picture so, so much.

IMG_4673Pinkie Pie, thurrping it up.

IMG_4520Isn’t Sweetie Pie the most GORGEOUS boy?

IMG_4517Cutie Pie the poser.

IMG_4604Sweetie Pie found a good lookout point.

IMG_4731The couch on the screen-in porch has a framework beneath it, and the kittens were having a grand ol’ time getting up on the framework and climbing across it. (This is Tweetie Pie’s fuzzy leg and tail.)

IMG_4554Pinkie Pie is VERY ANNOYED because the sun is too bright, SO WOULD YOU MAKE IT LESS BRIGHT PLEASE.

IMG_4555Sweetie Pie is such a momma’s boy.

IMG_4586I love how he’s sitting with his tail curled up.

IMG_4711Honey Pie. Such a gorgeous girl.

Sugar Pie is going to be spayed tomorrow, and I’m starting to wonder if she’s in heat because she’s wailing so much, even when she’s with the kittens. When I asked the vet, she said that the hormones from kitten-rearing usually keep them from going into heat into for about three to four weeks after they stop nursing – something that I did not know. However, I wonder if this is always the case – I’m pretty sure I’ve had some mamas that have gone into heat even though the babies were definitely younger than 11 – 12 weeks.

“No more kittens… ever?”
IMG_2721“Hmmm… OK, yeah, I think I’m okay with that.”