3-16-16 The Pie Babies

The kittens all seem to be doing well without their Mama – in fact, they don’t really even seem to notice she’s not there, and they’re certainly enjoying having the run of the foster room 24/7. Sugar Pie herself is a different story – she still cries occasionally¬†because she doesn’t like being alone, poor girl. I spend lots of time with her, and I’m going to bring the babies up to see her once a day to help ease the transition.

IMG_4271Cutie Pie is such a goofball.

IMG_4323Pretty Pinkie Pie.

IMG_4377Sweetie Pie shows of his claawwwwws.

IMG_4394Cutie Pie is always so outraged – it CRACKS ME UP. And I love the toes right by his mouth.

IMG_4332The majority of my pictures turn out blurry, because as soon as the camera actually focuses, the kittens are off to the next planet.

IMG_4502Tweetie Pie should have wings, she looks so innocent. Isn’t she just ADORABLE?

IMG_4449Cutie Pie is pretty adorable, too (like I needed to tell you that).

IMG_4343Honey Pie is such a HOOT.

Hopefully their vet appointment this afternoon goes well – I’m pretty sure they should all check out fine. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!