Yesterday I cleaned the foster room on the third floor (where Rembrandt was) so I could put Sugar Pie in there. She did pretty well for a while – she was calm and confident, with her tail up as she explored. (On a side note, she has a LONG tail – I had never realized how long her tail was!) I stayed with her for a while, but after I left, she wailed and wailed. I came back to spend some more time with her, but she was still crying. So I went back to the kitten room, bundled all the kittens in a carrier, and took them up to see her. Sugar Pie was clearly happy to see them, so I let them run around for a while, and when they started to nurse on her, I put them all back in the carrier and took them back to the foster room. After that, Sugar Pie was pretty quiet, so I’m sure she just wanted to know that her babies were OK.

I was tempted to put her back in the bathroom (where she was when she first had the kittens) because I don’t have a place to put Rembrandt if he doesn’t get adopted in a week or two. But I didn’t want to do that – partly because there’s not much space in the bathroom, and partly because I figured she’d cry even more if she were in a small space, so she gets to be on the third floor for now. Anyway, I’m pretty hopeful that Rembrandt will get adopted soon!

I think that Daylight Savings Time has made the kittens EXHAUSTED.IMG_4215

IMG_4183“Just a few more minutes….zzzz….”

IMG_4237It’s such a rough life when you have to lose an hour of sleep every year.

IMG_4217“I c-can’t keep my e-eyes open….”


IMG_4173Stripes overload!

IMG_4176Stripes on Pinkie Pie and Honey Pie, who are nursing. I honestly have NO IDEA which one is which. In this picture, it looks like one of the stripes is much darker and more solid, but when I look at their stripes in real life, they look much more similar.

IMG_4134I can get some great pictures when they sit on the cat tree next to the window – I love how the light comes in from the side and illuminates part of their face. Of course, they never sit still for long.

IMG_4123Monkeys on the cat tree.

IMG_4088Sisters wrestling, as sisters do.

Since the Pie Babies are almost eight weeks old, they’ll be going in to the vet tomorrow. If all checks out well, they’ll be ready for adoption this weekend! I will definitely miss these sweet little babies when they go to be adopted, but the foster room is never empty for long… especially with spring just around the corner!