OK, you know how I said Tweetie Pie was a sneaky, sneaky girl? Well, I’ve changed my mind – Cutie Pie is even sneakier. See, I let all the kittens run around in the evening, and they like to get under the furniture to sleep. Sometimes I can pull them out, but when they go under the desk, the space is narrow enough that I can’t reach in there to pull them out. So for the last two nights, Cutie Pie has been under the desk when I go to put the kittens in the pen for the night, and I’ve had to leave him there because I can’t get him out. He’s not hiding – he isn’t SCARED, of course – it’s just apparently very cozy underneath desks. And now he knows how to stay out for the entire night!

Speak of the trickster…IMG_4047

IMG_4051Don’t be fooled by that innocent face… it’s all a ploy to win you over!

IMG_4144Cutie Pie went on the offensive with Tweetie Pie.

IMG_4146Then he put his paws up to shield himself from Tweetie Pie’s wrath.

IMG_4147But it didn’t work! Poor Cutie Pie.

IMG_4150Oh Honey Pie, you are such a pretty, pretty baby.

IMG_4187“Don’t TOUCH my toy. IT’S MINE!”

IMG_4205“This is my brudder and you can’t have him.”

IMG_4207Sweetie Pie’s foot apparently makes a good sleep mask.

IMG_4253SPOTS! (Please note the teeth holes in the box flap.)

IMG_4213Tweetie Pie loves her purple stick toy.

IMG_4226They really do love that leopard spotted bed! I’m honestly surprised, because I’ve had it forever and most cats haven’t really shown any interest in it.

IMG_4247Sleepy sisters.

Mama’s spay date has been set for this Friday.

IMG_4034Did I mention what a sweet, SWEET girl she is? It’s TRUE. She’ll just sit in your arms and let you carry her around, and first thing every morning, she comes up next to me and meows for attention.

IMG_4036Ahah, now we see where Sweetie Pie got his loon from!

I took Rembrandt to our Petsmart adoption center yesterday – he’ll be there for a week or two to see how he does and hopefully get him some exposure. And since I knew you all would want to see his pretty self one more time…IMG_2340



image (3)Can you handle the fluffiness?

I love cat yawns.