3-10-16 The Pie Babies

That Tweetie Pie is a sneaky, sneaky girl. I put them all in the kitten pen for the afternoon, as I usually do when I leave the room, because I don’t want them to nurse from Sugar Pie. When I came back to check on them, guess who was out and about? Yes, that’s right, Tweetie Pie. So I put her back in,¬†and when I went back to check on them a few hours later, guess who had escaped… again? She’s a free spirit, that one! I think maybe it’s getting time to move Sugar Pie out of the room so the babies can have full reign of the room to romp whenever they want.IMG_3383Cutie Pie shows off his lovely whiskers.

IMG_3372Sweetie Pie is best buddies with the Slinky Tiger.

IMG_3426Did I mention how gorrrrgeeous that Mama is? (I think I did. Yesterday, in fact.)

IMG_3427“WHY did you let them out again? Just look what you’ve done!”


IMG_3457STOP being so cute, Honey Pie. I can’t take it anymore!

IMG_3475Practicing her sad face (I think she’s got it down).

IMG_3518Pinkie Pie and the Eyes of Amazement.

IMG_3485Don’t you just want to kiss that fluffy belly?

IMG_3489Such a character, that one.

IMG_3438Sweetie Pie enjoys a good ear scratch.

IMG_3583Based on the number of pictures I’ve taken of them chewing on things, I think it’s a safe bet to say they’re probably¬†teething.

IMG_3277They love to climb up on top of the kitten pen when it’s zipped up. I think it’s like a little trampoline for them.