3-9-16 The Pie Babies

I was looking back through some old files, and I realized that today marks EXACTLY three years since I got one of my very first litters: The Universe Kittens! And since one of the pictures I have of the Universe Kittens just happens to be one of my all-time-favorite pictures, I thought why not mark this momentous occasion by posting said picture?

IMG_1177How many kittens can you fit in one tree? (The answer: at least five!)

And since I do love me some yawning pictures:
IMG_1183That would be Celeste yawning, with Aurora and Comet looking at me sleepily.

IMG_1245Coming in summer Olympics 2016: synchronized yawning. (That’s Cosmo yawning on the left, Star yawning on the right.)

IMG_1261Star, stretchin’ her arms out like she just don’t caaarrreee.

I can’t believe these sweet babies are THREE YEARS old now! I ought to put that cat tree back in the foster room and see if I can get a similar picture of the Pies, but they’re such bouncy kitties that I don’t know if they’d all settle down long enough!

IMG_3105“OK, enough picture taking. Let me out of the kitten pen already!”

IMG_3299Of course I obliged, and she proceeded to conquer the Cat Tree.

IMG_3160Such a preeetttyyy boy.


IMG_3197“Why did you give me a SANTA toy? Don’t you know the holiday season was AGES ago?”

IMG_3215I love when two of them are wrestling, and a third one comes and pounces on both of them.

IMG_3281Tweetie Pie likes to play with momma’s tail.

IMG_3282She’s so excited to be playing with momma’s tail that she makes this Crazy Face. (After all, momma’s tail is wonderfully floofy and makes the perfect cat toy).

IMG_3180Kittens are easy to please when it comes to cat toys. Big expensive cat tree? LOVE it. Cheap Ping-Pong balls that you get in a pack of 5 for $1? Check! Pipe cleaners? Cutie Pie approved! Mama’s tail? THE BEST!

IMG_3237“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it! Really I didn’t!”

IMG_3335“Plllleeeeaaasse don’t make me go to bed, Mom! I’m not tired!”


IMG_3327“Huh? I wasn’t sleepin’! Really I wasn’t!”

IMG_3314That Sugar Pie is one gorrrgeeeous girl.