3-8-16 The Pie Babies

IMG_2813“I’m comin’ out of the kitten pen whether you like it or not!”

IMG_2830“But WHY is the floor so dirty?” (Because you and your siblings kick food and litter all over the place, silly girl!)
IMG_2837Pinkie Pie thinks her feet are yummy.


IMG_2933Spotted kitteh belly!

IMG_2965Do you see the ears?

IMG_2967Five… four… three… two…


IMG_3096“I’m gonna get ya, tiger!”

IMG_3075Pinkie Pie has perfected her sad face.

IMG_3065Oh, the cute face.

IMG_3048“I’m reaaallly tired… But I also really want to go play with┬áPinkie Pie…”

IMG_3050“What do I do?”

IMG_3035Have you EVER seen such a cheeky face in your entire LIFE??

IMG_3039Sisters love each other.

IMG_2969Pretty Mama.

IMG_3092Mama has made herself comfy.

IMG_3098I wish I could put more weight on that scruffy girl. She’s gained 0.4 lb in the past two weeks, which is good, but she still weighs only 6 1/2 pounds.