IMG_2552“If you sit in a tent that kinda matches your color and pattern, then the hoomans can’t see you.”

IMG_2577“I KNOW they can’t.”

IMG_2544All the kittens eating from the same plate! They are definitely a hungry bunch. The whole family gets 2 cans of Fancy Feast four times a day. Sugar Pie gets Nutri-Cal mixed in with her food, and the babies get pumpkin and Forti Flora (probiotic) mixed with their food once a day.

IMG_2597“This toy is yummy.”

IMG_2603“I want to eat its braaaaains.”

IMG_2673 “THIS toy tastes yucky. Bleh.”

IMG_2685 I think if MY brother were bunny-kicking my head, I’d be making this face, too.

IMG_2737 “Who, ME? Bunny-kick my sister in the face?”

IMG_2735 “I would never do THAT! No, really, I wouldn’t!”

IMG_2750Honey Pie and Pinkie Pie were wrestling, and Honey Pie got all outraged.

IMG_2707Sugar Pie is clearly very tired. It’s a hard job, being a Momma.

IMG_2708 “Remind me again why I wanted kids?”

The kittens are all VERY active at this age – they love to wrestle and chase each other around, pounce on the nearest toy, practice scaling the cat tree, and they’re getting pretty good at bunny kicking, too (expect for Sweetie Pie, of course, who is a little ANGEL.). They really are just like little monkeys!
I made another video of them that was about 1:45 minutes, and when I uploaded it to YouTube, it cut it off to only 0:33. HMPH. I think it’s a bug, which means there’s not much I can do except wait for YouTube to fix it. ¬†Anyway, here’s the 33 seconds of the video (my favorite part is where Pinkie Pie is watching Sugar Pie flick her tail around, and Sugar Pie flicks her tail right in Pinkie Pie’s face!)

Rembrandt didn’t get adopted on Caturday, unfortunately. But I took some more pictures of him in case he DID get adopted!IMG_2378
IMG_2384 He looks so cute in this picture.

IMG_2399 He likes to roll over on his belly.

IMG_2414SO fluffy.