HALLO, Blaze.

Fawn sure does like that spot on the cat-tree, doesn’t she?

Hey, that reminds me. I’ve got a picture of Spritz almost in the exact same spot!

It feels like so long since we’ve had those babies, doesn’t it? Poor Mimosa! We need to find her a home too.

I was going to do an update on how Blaze and Fawn are doing, but I think Fawn’s tummy speaks for itself! I do love a kitten with a fat tummy.

She’s such a beautiful girl.

“Don’t make me get up yet… just a few more minutes!”

I’m not sure why Chessie is tinted┬ápink here.

Yoyo, Yahtzee, Scooter, and Teddi are doing much better. They’re eating again, they’ve gained weight, they’re not throwing up anymore, their stools have gotten firmer, and I am one happy foster mom. They have finished their course of Ponazuril and they have a few more days of Tylan (the antibiotic) before I can reduce that to once a day. The Tylan is very bitter, and they hate it, but they are tolerating it better now than they did in the beginning, which is consistent with my experiences with Tylan.

I don’t have as much good news as far as my camera is concerned, but I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.