2-5-18 The Munchkins have gone home!

It was a great week for the Munchkins!

On Wednesday, Pip and Half-Pint were ADOPTED TOGETHER!!

And on Friday, Mini and Teeny were ADOPTED TOGETHER!!

AND THEN, on Saturday, Shorty’s adoption was finalized!

It’s been a long journey with these guys, and it certainly feels strange to have them all gone! I miss my Munchkins – but more than that, I’m very, very, VERY happy knowing that they’ve all finally ended up in great homes.

Rose is doing pretty well. She’s been scab-free for a couple days now, and I’m hopeful that we’ll soon be able to get her past her dermatitis. Wednesday she goes back to the dermatologist for a recheck, and hopefully I’ll learn some important details about her prognosis, like whether she can safely be around other cats now, whether I need to continue with the weekly Advantage Multi, and when she can be adopted. The answers to those questions, I hope, will be yes, no, and SOON!

“What? You talking ’bout me?”

If there is anything that ever needs to be pounced on, Rose will get that job done.

So, so cute. Love her!

Wait! Don’t go yet!

You didn’t think I could bear to have just ONE foster in this house, could you?

I picked up this beauty from the shelter over the weekend.

More details forthcoming!