The Effervescats


On Monday, January 30, I received an unexpected call: the pound had a pregnant cat, and wanted to know if I could take her. Since the only two fosters I had at the time were Mitzi and Oci – and because I was itching for kittens – I readily agreed. The cat was a tortoiseshell who had shown up at someone’s house a few weeks earlier. The lady that lived there had been feeding her, and when she realized she was pregnant (the cat, that is. Not the lady), she called Animal Control and they came and got her. I took her home, and the kittens were born the day after, on January 31. All five of them are craaaaaazzy, and love nothing more than climbing on everything in sight (including laps and legs). They’re still learning to use their claws gently, but they are exceptionally friendly, and I know I’ll miss them a lot when it’s time for them to head off to their forever homes in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE: Sparkle and Pepsi were adopted together on 4/21! Bubbles and Fizz were adopted together along with another kitten from our rescue group, and Spritz was adopted to a home with another kitty. Mimosa moved to another foster home on 9/16 and is currently still awaiting her forever family.